Ways to Donate

Direct Financial Assistance Fund

You can donate on GoFundMe, but direct donations via Venmo (@pghmutualaid) and CashApp ($pghmutualaid) go farther, faster!

This fund aims to deliver at least $5k a week to those in Pittsburgh who are in need because they have lost income due to the COVID-19 crisis. We are doing our absolute best to prioritize people who may be more vulnerable than ever during this crisis, and people in communities who systematically have less access to social capital, family wealth, new job opportunities and other forms of support. This includes (but is not limited to) people over the age of 60, immunocompromised people, disabled people, BIPOC, and any people who are at risk of becoming unhoused or food insecure due to COVID-19. For now, we are distributing amounts that are $250 or less, and we hope to grow that with more fundraising.

Grocery Fund

We are coordinating with our friends at Ratzon Collective to help buy and deliver groceries to people in need.

You can send funds that will go directly to buying groceries via Venmo @ratzon-food-distro.

To make physical donations, contact Ratzon at ratzonpgh@gmail.com or go to ratzonpgh.org.

OR you can volunteer to be a driver by setting up an account at Covaid.co!