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Lists of General Resources/Links

The Community Justice Project, Hill District Consensus Group, and Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation - Connect with legal assistance, eviction prevention, rental assistance funding, landlord/tenant mediation, healthcare, utility assistance funding and food resources. Spanish language: (412) 530-5244 or English language: (412) 534-6600 or

Just Harvest - list of resources

BigBurgh - Site that has pulled together resources specializing in free stuff and resources for the homeless

Community Human Services - Stable housing, food access, community resources

Allegheny Link - Numerous resources and support networks

Resources for Families - This spreadsheet has information about food resources, WIC updates, financial resources, cyber education, mental health support, health resources, vaccine clinics, and much more!

Pittsburgh Community Services - Pittsburgh's Community Action Agency working to help those in poverty.

COVID-19 Resources Google Document - list of MANY resources, including news on COVID-19 in Pennsylvania (note: this document has not been updated since July 2020)

Do you need help with groceries/food?


Wellness Collective's Community Delivery Hotline -- The Community Delivery Hotline was created to ensure that folks with limited transportation and resources have access to their basic needs. They can deliver prepared meals, groceries, household goods, pet supplies, baby essentials, and medical supplies.

Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation -- Delivers groceries weekly for LGBT and HIV+ people. Can alternatively provide Giant Eagle gift cards if you have specific requests or prefer to do your own shopping.

Allegheny County Free Food Distribution Map -- This map displays locations of free resource distribution sites in the region.

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank (Or dial 412-460-3663)

Applying for food stamps

Grow Pittsburgh -- Find community gardens in your area or start your own and get access to fresh produce. Everybody's Garden in Hazelwood is particularly abundant!

Resources for Families - This spreadsheet has information about local food distribution as well as some baby essentials.

COVID-19 Resources Document (Just the food resources)

Do you need financial assistance?

Coronavirus Financial Bridge Loan Program -- The Coronavirus Financial Bridge Loan Program provides interest-free loans on a nonsectarian basis for up to $5,000 to residents of Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Westmoreland, Washington, and Armstrong counties who are facing financial challenges caused by the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak.

One Fair Wage Emergency Fund -- We’re providing cash assistance to restaurant workers, car service drivers, delivery workers, personal service workers and more who need the money they aren’t getting to survive.

Pittsburgh Virtual Tip Jar -- This virtual tip jar is for local service industry staff - employees at bars, restaurants, salons, etc - to post your Venmo or Paypal information so that customers, neighbors, and Pittsburgh community members can continue to support you.

Restaurant Employees Relief Fund -- The Restaurant Employee Relief Fund was created to help restaurant industry employees experiencing extraordinary hardship in the wake of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.

Apply for benefits through the Department of Human Services - Health and human service benefits such as SNAP (food stamps), unemployment, cash assistance, health care, etc.

Additional resources for restaurant workers.

Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation -- Will pay one-time cell phone bills for LGBT and HIV+ people.

Do you need a place to stay/housing resources?

Try... Navigating rental assistance in English and Spanish Apply for CARES Rent Relief by the new deadline: OCTOBER 31

The Allegheny Link Line -- Call 866-730-2368 for help finding emergency shelter in Allegheny County.

Pleasant Valley Men's Shelter -- The Pleasant Valley Men’s Shelter accommodates the needs of 25 men who are homeless every night of the year. The Shelter opens daily at 4:30 p.m. and provides residents with safe, secure sleeping quarters, a hot shower, and a warm evening meal. In addition, the NCM staff – Case Manager, Program Director, and Shelter Monitors – assist the men as they work toward stability and independence by providing various services and supports.

Bethlehem Haven Emergency Shelter (For Women) -- Call 412-391-1348.

CHS Oakland Residential Programs - Housing for elderly and chronically mentally ill adults.

Listing of drop-in centers

Housing Assistance Resources Portal (HARP) - City of Pittsburgh guide to housing resources, including resources for those experiencing homelessness.

The Pittsburgh Housing Resource Directory -- This page is meant to provide links to resources available to housing providers, renters, and homeowners during the COVID-19 crisis.

Pittsburgh Union of Regional Renters (PURR) - Tenant rights organization with an eviction prevention hotline, helping people navigate the CDC eviction moratorium and connecting people with CARES resources. Call (412)444-8497.

Housing Stabilization Program - If you have been affected by COVID-19 and need rental or utility assistance, contact United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania for more information on the Housing Stabilization Program.

True T PGH - Emergency and short-term housing for LGBTQ+ people, prioritizing trans people.

Proud Haven - Adult drop-ins (21+) for LGBT people on Monday from 1 PM-8 PM and Friday from 1 PM-5 PM.

SisTers PGH: Drop-ins for trans women, trans men, and non-binary people on Monday through Friday, 1 PM-6 PM.

Do you need family/reproductive healthcare resources?

Resources for Families - This spreadsheet has information about food resources, WIC updates, financial resources, cyber education, mental health support, health resources, vaccine clinics, and much more!

New Voices for Reproductive Justice - baby care items, menstrual health items, etc. Phone number for Pittsburgh offices: 412.450.0290

Planned Parenthood of Western PA

Cribs for Kids -- Allegheny County residents can get a crib for their baby or toddler.

Do you need health insurance?

  • If you lost your health insurance recently or will lose it within 60 days, you can go to and apply for coverage. 8 in 10 people get financial help (probably higher now). Do not assume it's too expensive. Don't listen to rumors or someone else's experience. You don't know unless you apply. After you submit your application, you'll get a decision within minutes. You can shop and select a plan immediately.

  • If you already have health insurance through (or Obamacare), but your income changed, you may be eligible for increased financial help! Log into your account on and update the application to reflect the income change. You may not be able to change plans, but your costs can change.

  • Those without internet can call 1-800-318-2596 to reach the federal call center. A rep can walk them thru an application. It's open 24/7.

  • All the insurers available via in Allegheny County are covering COVID-19 testing and treatment without copays. (Highmark and UPMC)

  • If yourself or your children may qualify for Medicaid or CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program), when it gives you the results, it will tell you if it sent anyone's information to the state to be reviewed for Medicaid or CHIP.

  • If someone is sent to Medicaid and you want to check on the application, give it one or two days for the app to show up in the system for the state call center, then call - 1-800-692-7462 (1-800-451-5886 TDD
    for individuals with hearing impairments)

  • If someone is sent to CHIP, same thing, but call - 1-800-986-KIDS (1-800-986-5437)

  • You will get info in the mail about Medicaid or CHIP if the application is sent there.

  • If you are told to provide proof of income or provide any other documentation, do that right away! You will have some time to turn it in, but do it now so you don't forget. The best, fastest way is to upload the documents online. Especially if asks you to do this, do it online.

Important! The PA Coalition of Community Health Centers can provide free, unbiased enrollment assistance. Visit their online page here: or call 1-866-944-CARE (2273).

Do you need legal help?

  • What kind of issue is it?

    • Did you get arrested or sent a criminal complaint from the county in the mail?

      • If yes, call the Public Defender or a reputable private attorney with the lawyer referral service.

      • If under 18, the Duquesne legal clinic may be able to help.

      • If in jail and can’t make bail, contact Bukit Bail Fund.

    • Were you served with a civil summons involving rent or a financial obligation?

      • Contact NLS, PURR (for landlord issues), or one of the legal clinics.

    • Do you need a legal service?

      • Making a will: Elder law - NLS, Pitt Law clinic, Duquesne Law Clinic

      • Remedying wage theft: Employment law - NLS

      • Immigration documentation: Immigration law - Pitt legal clinic

      • Criminal Record expungement: Duquesne Legal Clinic, possibly A.C. Public Defender

      • Issues with power of attorney: Elder law - NLS, Pitt legal clinic

  • Allegheny County Public Defender - Criminal law help. Typically anyone within 150% of Federal poverty guidelines or with a PA access card who is charged with any offense which could lead to jail time will qualify. People facing involuntary commitment hearings may also qualify. Non-documented people can qualify, people in Allegheny County Jail qualify automatically. Call at least 48 hours before your preliminary hearing! Apply by calling, numbers are on the linked website.

  • Bukit Bail Fund - Criminal law and bail help. Bukit helps people who are not able to make bail. The wonderful people there also may also be able to connect people to attorneys who are willing to do pro bono work.

  • Neighborhood Legal Services (NLS) - Family, elder, employment, housing, public benefits. Does not help with any criminal issues, does not help non-citizens. Assists those with low yearly income, people with a PA access card should qualify. Apply online or by calling 1.866.761.6572.

  • Landlord-tenant issues: contact PURR or NLS

  • Pitt Legal clinics: immigration, health (hospital bills, etc), elder (will writing, POA issues, etc), tax payer (auditing), environmental (issues with pollution), securities law (issues with retirement funds). People within 150% of Federal poverty guidelines qualify. Call 412.648.1300 to apply.

  • Duquesne Legal clinics: Civil rights (record expungements), Wills and healthcare, unemployment benefits, urban development (rezoning issues), Veterans issues, Youth Advocacy (juvenile criminal issues). Apply by calling 412.396.4704.

  • Lawyer referral service: Service for finding any type of lawyer. Typically hard to find people doing pro bono work via this site but can be helpful to find a *good* lawyer and not just call one who has a billboard. Call 412-261-5555 or go to the website.

Do you need to see a doctor?

iHealth Clinic - No insurance required, most appointments only $35.

List of Sliding Scale Health Clinics

Compassionate Counseling - Accessible Mental Healthcare, low-income options

Low Cost Clinics for Uninsured Pittsburgh:

Planned Parenthood: Liberty Ave: 412-562-1900

Be Well PGH - Website dedicated to collecting many resources for health care for those uninsured and underinsured.

Do you need mental health care?

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Resources

  • You can still get an Emergency Protection From Abuse order (even when courts are closed) - INFO UPDATED 03/18/20

  • If the corona virus has forced you to self-isolate or self-quarantine in your home and you feel you may be in an unsafe situation for you and your children, help is available:

  • All PA Domestic Violence Programs - please call (if able) to see if services are altered during the pandemic

  • HOPE Center: if social distancing has forced you into an unsafe situation, call 724-224-1266 to speak with an advocate. Available to call 24/7. They will help provide domestic violence information, community resources, safety planning, support, and more!

  • PAAR (Pittsburgh Action Against Rape)'s office is closed but you can still access resources for sexual assault and violence at the Helpline: Running as usual 24/7 1-866-363-7273. Text/Chat Line: Services available and accessed through our website,

Something else?

Cribs for Kids -- Allegheny County residents can get a crib for their baby or toddler.

Computer Reach - Low cost computers

Off the Floor Pittsburgh - Gently used furniture for disadvantaged families.

Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation -- Can pay a one-time cell phone bill for LGBT and HIV+ people; also provides pet food for LGBT and HIV+ people having trouble affording it.

SisTers PGH - Has a drop-in center for trans women, trans men, and non-binary people. “In addition to a community hangout, we can provide access to clothing, toiletries, food, and computers, as well as referrals to vetted trans-competent service providers and intakes to our other programs as needed.” Also provides help getting/staying sober for trans people through Grow To Succeed starting on March 4.

I have an emergency. Who can I call besides the police?

What other organizations/groups are helping?

Pittsburgh Union of Regional Renters -- We work as tenants with tenants to provide support for the creation and sustainability of effective professional tenant initiatives.

Bukit Bail Fund -- A coalition of individuals supporting those incarcerated in Allegheny County Jail.

Put People First PA -- Put People First! PA gives voice to everyday people who are struggling to meet our basic needs.

Pittsburgh Restaurant Workers Aid - Resources and community support to restaurant and hospitality workers who have lost financial, housing, food, and healthcare security.

True T PGH - Celebrating Queer People of Color through Creative Art, Entertainment, Resource Sharing, and Activism. Can sometimes provide short term/emergency housing for LGBTQ+ people.

Beaver County Mutual Aid - Members of the Beaver County community working together to build solidarity, share resources, and meet needs.

Do you need help with utilities?

Some utility companies have options to help pay your bill, or to help spread out the costs. Here are some options- many of them do require an application and/or a waiting period. If your company isn’t listed, you can call and ask about a hardship program.

Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority Consumer Discount Program

Dollar Energy Fund

Duquesne Light Payment Assistance Programs

People’s Gas Payment Arrangements and Energy Assistance

Pennsylvania American Water Customer Assistance Programs

Other utility options

LIHEAP Application- LIHEAP is a program through the Pennsylvania State Department of Human Services that can provide cash grants to pay heating bills. An application is required.

PA Utility Law Project-

provides information, assistance, and advice about residential utility and energy matters affecting low-income consumers

Hotline: 1-844-645-2500

Do you need help finding a COVID vaccine?

A good first step is to call your doctor’s office and see if you can get vaccinated that way. If you don’t have one, or they don’t have a list, here are some other options:

VaccinatePA- Here you can search for vaccines by county, information changes quickly so you may need to check back often.

PA State Vaccine Navigator- This site has a lot of information about the COVID vaccine, who’s eligible, and resources to find one locally.

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